Parents remain excited about school choice movement

Children reading

The COVID-19 pandemic is not stopping Mississippi from celebrating the annual National School Choice Week. Grant Callen is president of Empower Mississippi, which is sponsoring this year’s events. In the past he says they have been joined by thousands of parents, teachers, and students on the steps of the state capitol. But this year, everything will be virtual. “We will still be celebrating, but it will be through a host of virtual events throughout the week,” Callen details.Callen He likens the school choice movement among state legislators to a rollercoaster but says the enthusiasm among parents has never wavered. “This is an event that is part of the heart and soul of our organization because it means so much to parents across the state,” Callen shares. “Just because we’re not gathering at the capitol doesn’t mean there’s a drop in enthusiasm.”

Gov. Tate Reeves (R), a perpetual supporter of school choice, has declared this week to be National School Choice Week in Mississippi.