School choicers find new administration ‘reassuring’

student with notebook textbook

With Betsy DeVos’ nomination as Secretary of Education, the school choice organization for which she was serving as chairman has selected a notable replacement.

The American Federation for Children (AFC) quickly moved to choose Bill Oberndorf, one of the founders of the predecessor to AFC, to succeed DeVos as chairman.

“He helped found the Alliance for School Choice, our predecessor organization, with John Walton a number of years ago,” notes Matt Frendewey, national communications director for AFC. “He’s been involved in education reform and school choice for the last 25 years, and he’s widely respected nationwide for his commitment, his philanthropy, his leadership, and vision on the issues.”

Frendeway sees Donald Trump’s election as president as a crossroads for AFC and other pro-school choice organizations and individuals.

“It’s reassuring to have a president-elect whose administration shares our vision and shares that vision of over 70 percent of Americans who support school choice,” he comments. “We really see this as a turning point.”

In addition, Oberndorf serves as chairman of the Board of Overseers of the University of California San Francisco, one of the nation’s leading medical and research institutions.