Importance of School Choice

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Millions of children currently do not receive the prioritization and excellent education they deserve. Instead, immorality masquerades as political correctness and infects the curricula of public schools. Children need protection and prioritization. A return to excellence, the inclusion of the Golden Rule, and the overall option of school choice would provide a vast improvement for children.

First of all, education possesses the power to crumble the foundation of a nation. When in the right hands, an educational system molds children into solid, well-equipped individuals who love God, neighbor, and country. However, when in the wrong hands, chaotic and harmful indoctrination floods and destroys a nation.

Immoral adults currently push agendas into curricula and policies upheld in public schools. Instead of academics, political correctness pervades the scholastic experience. But political correctness incorrectly seeks to solve problems which simply cannot be solved by immoral behaviors and verbiage.

The government currently masterminds our country’s education system. Is this best for our country’s children? Milton Friedman cleverly answered the question: “If you put the federal government in charge of the Sahara Desert, in 5 years there’d be a shortage of sand.”

Indeed, big government creates big problems, and its effects on education are no exception. Our kids (and teachers) deserve better. Rather than having the government control our kids’ education, parents and the local schools should be given that authority. School choice presents an effective solution that brings freedom, opportunity, and quality education to our schools.

Again, all of America’s children deserve to receive an excellent education. School choice stops the abuse created by a bureaucratic monopoly. School choice creates a way to improve schools and greatly benefit kids.

If made widely available, school choice would allow families to enroll their children in schools other than the ones assigned to them by the current system. It would answer the need for improved education in our nation. And it would improve the future for our children.

Parents could receive school vouchers (funding) to enroll their children in the school of their choice. Vouchers have revealed the inefficiency of government schools by giving a better quality education at less than half the per-pupil cost.

School children, who are currently forced to attend rundown, inner-city schools, would especially benefit from school choice because it brings school competition to the education system. Each child would receive a voucher for a year’s education in any school in the state. When parents exercise choice through the vouchers, good schools would gain the students and the inadequate schools would have to improve or possibly close.

With much evidence to prove its success, vouchers would offer a better (and cost-effective) education. To this date, state-level programs that provide tax credits or scholarships for children in low-income families to attend higher-performing public or private schools have expanded in states like Indiana and Florida. And these policies are proving to be very effective.

All children in the United States deserve to attend great schools. Vouchers would help make that possible. We hope you enjoy this article by Milton Friedman that further explains the importance and freedom of school choice.

Most of all, along with academic excellence, the Golden Rule must be allowed to return to school. Amen?


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