Girl Injected with Birth Control Implant on School Trip; Mom Wasn’t Told

An Oklahoma mom is outraged after her 16-year-old daughter was injected with a birth control implant on a school trip.

In an interview with Tulsa television station Fox 23, Miracle Foster said it happened after her daughter attended a sex education lecture at school and expressed interest in learning more.

The school then arranged for a Tulsa clinic to pick her up along with other girls who were interested.

The principal did get Foster’s permission for the clinic trip, but Foster says he did not indicate her daughter would be receiving a three-year-long implant.

And that was not a choice she would have made for her child.

“I just feel like my rights as a parent were violated,” she told Fox 23. “I thought she was going to get information.”

But it turns out once your teen is on the premises of a clinic, they no longer need parental consent. Federal guidelines allow teens to get contraception without permission.

The school’s principal, Rodney Foster, released a statement saying: “The parent gave her child permission to leave the school. Under Title X once young people are at the clinic and are of reproductive age, they can make decisions on their own without parental consent.”

Foster disagrees.

“I think that is something that a mother and a daughter should discuss,” she said through her tears.