EDUCATION MA activist speaks out for angry CO parents

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Two public school districts in Colorado are defending sex education materials that critics compare to hardcore pornography.

When school officials at Cherry Creek and Fox Ridge school districts were confronted with the materials, they said they see nothing wrong.

“And they’ve said they’re not taking it down,” says Brian Camenker of MassResistance, “and in fact have been hostile and even threatening toward the parents.”

Parents were checking their child’s password for a school website when they discovered it allowed access to adult sexual content, a story by right-wing website WorldNetDaily reported.

Camenker told WND that he, too, used the search portal and found the objectionable content.

He has posted some of that content on the MassResistance website.

Facing a growing number of protesting parents, Camenker says school officials are forming a committee – that excludes parents – to take a look at the situation within the next few months.

“You know, you don’t need a committee to figure this out,” he complains. “Just look at the stuff we’ve posted and, you know, take it all off.”