CA: Nope, can’t tell your kids there is no Ze and Zir

Here is why we need Church schools!

Gender Unicorn (sex unknown)

Parents and conservative activists are spreading the word that parental rights come after the right of the State of California to indoctrinate your children.

The latest dispute involves a California health law that mandates parents cannot remove their children from sex education lessons.

It’s called the “California Healthy Youth Act of 2015.”

Parents can pull their children out of classes for explicit descriptions of sex acts but the law states they must remain seated for all other instruction, including liberal instruction on gender identity and “sexual orientation,” says Brad Dacus of the Pacific Justice Institute.

Although the law is three years old, the controversial rules came to light from a March memowritten by attorney Ronald Wenkart, general counsel for the Orange County Public School District.

The memo was addressed to the Orange County Board of Education but has since been picked up by news organizations and activists such as “Activist Mommy” Elizabeth Johnson.

Johnson and others were appalled to read that Wenkart suggested parents are “free to advise” their children of any sex-ed content they disagree with – after their children sit through the classroom instructions.

California flag“This is a clear violation of every single parent’s First Amendment right,” Johnston wrote, “to freely practice their religion as they are literally barred by law from even being notified when their children are being exposed to confusing, highly inappropriate subject matters.”

It’s not news that California’s state government is dominated by far-left Democrats, but the state continues to make headlines after its lawmakers suggest Draconian regulationsfor homeschoolers and even seek to replace President’s Day with Communist holiday, May Day.

Dacus tells OneNewsNow that the law clearly suggests students can be propagandized with left-wing indoctrination without parental notification.